Lung 5 (尺泽) - The Lung Meridian

This is the point that has many uses. It is used for coughing, acute gastritis, nose bleeding and biceps pain.

Case Study 1
Male, 41, diagnosed of bronchitis, had fever (37.5°C) 3 weeks ago, been coughing since. Been medicated for the past 3 weeks but coughing persisted. Administered acupuncture at Lung 5, coughing reduced. 2nd time the next day and coughing stop in the day but persisted at night. 3rd administration of acupuncture and coughing stop completely.

Case Study 2
Female, 46, suddenly experienced pain in the upper abdomen area, nausea, vomited clear fluid, sweating profusely, bending forward due to extreme pain in the abdomen area. Scan reveals inflammation of the gallbladder. After administration of acupuncture, the needle was left in the site of puncture for 30 minutes. The pain subside.

Type of Needle
1.5 inch long gauge 28

How to needle
Puncture up to 1 inch deep, angled towards the heart and strong stimulation.

Case Study 3
Male, 16, have been suffering from nose bleeding since birth. Every year, there will be several bout of nose bleeding and patient has been seeking treatment since but to no avail. The nose bleeding would occur in the evening and when it happens, patient would have bleeding from his nose and mouth. Administer acupuncture at Lung 5 with strong stimulation. After 15 mins, the nose bleeding stop. The needle in left in place for another 45 mins to ensure no more nose bleeding. After treatment, patient did not return. 4 years later, patient reported that nose bleeding stop after the acupuncture treatment and did not have any episode since then.

Case Study 4
Female, 40, suffering from biceps pain for a month. Pain radiated from the shoulder to the bicep. Pain affected her sleep and she is not able to work. She tried oral medication but has no effect on the pain. Scan reveals bone spurs along her cervical region. Administered acupuncture, pain subsided and patient is able to sleep through the night. After 3 treatment, pain is reduce significantly and patient is able to return to work.

Type of Needle
3 edge needle

How to needle
10 ml of saline solution injected at Lung 5 for the 1st treatment. Subsequent 3 acupuncture sessions used 3 edge needle to bleed Lung 5.



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