Lung 7 (列缺) - The Lung Meridian (Part 2)

Case Study 3 46 cases of wet dream, some have symptoms as little as 3 months while others, 4 years. Out of the 46 cases, 40 also presented with the symptoms of sleepwalking. Some experienced wet dream once every day with others, once every 3 to 5 days. Most patients manifest symptoms of fatigue, weak knees affecting both study and working lives. 1 inch needle gauge 28 were used, punctured obliquely towards the elbow for about an inch. The needle handle is tape to the skin and the needle was left in the site for 12 to 18 hr before removing. The needles are usually inserted at about 6 or 7pm at night and removed between after 8 am. This is repeated every other day for about a week. 100% of the patient has shown improvement while 90 % seen a complete recovery. Case Study 4 66 cases of smoker patients. Some has smoked for over 55 years while others, 2 years. Some smoked about 60 cigarettes a day while others, 6 a day. 1 inch needle gauge 28 was used, punctured obliquely towards the heart d

Lung 7 (列缺) - The Lung Meridian (Part 1)

This point has many uses but to be used in conjunction with other points. It can be used for coughing, asthma, sore throat, inability to move due to stroke, wry mouth, numbness in the face, trigeminal neuralgia, toothache, stiff neck, blood in urine, painful urination, semen leakage, rash, quit smoking. This point can be used for smoker who wish to quit. This point can be massage repeatedly throughout the day and it reduces the urge to smoke. For some, massaging this point cause the smoker to feel nauseated when he/she starts to smoke. Case Study 1 32 female, 12 married, 20 singles, experienced painful menstruation. 1/2 inch needle, gauge 30, insert the needle with a depth about 5mm for 30 minutes. Needle stimulation every 5 min. After acupuncture, moxibustion along Lung 7 for 10 minutes. Repeat this daily during the menstruation cycle (5 to 7 days). Repeat this over 3 menstruation cycles. 22 cases complete recovery, 8 cases improvement and 2 cases has no improvement. Case Study 2 30 f

Lung 6 (孔最) - The Lung Meridian

It is used for coughing blood, sore throat, hemorrhoids and constipation. Case Study 1 Female, pregnant, had hemorrhoids and she is experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort. Not willing to use acupuncture, patient decide to follow that advice to massage Lung 6 daily for at least 10 minutes per day and after 5 days, her pain is relieved and no longer experiencing constipation. Along the lung meridian, look for the sensitive spot near Lung 6, that will be the spot for relieving constipation and hemorrhoids. Case Study 2 Female, always experience hemorrhoids before pregnancy but it did not bother her life. After pregnancy, the hemorrhoids became a serious problem. She has both internal and external hemorrhoids. She has tried many different ointments, many herbal wash. She tried massaged and various other methods but her pain was not relieved. Every time she defecate, she experienced a lot of pain. One day, she was reading some acupuncture literature and found that Lung 6 is able to reli

Lung 5 (尺泽) - The Lung Meridian

This is the point that has many uses. It is used for coughing, acute gastritis, nose bleeding and biceps pain. Case Study 1 Male, 41, diagnosed of bronchitis, had fever (37.5°C) 3 weeks ago, been coughing since. Been medicated for the past 3 weeks but coughing persisted. Administered acupuncture at Lung 5, coughing reduced. 2nd time the next day and coughing stop in the day but persisted at night. 3rd administration of acupuncture and coughing stop completely. Case Study 2 Female, 46, suddenly experienced pain in the upper abdomen area, nausea, vomited clear fluid, sweating profusely, bending forward due to extreme pain in the abdomen area. Scan reveals inflammation of the gallbladder. After administration of acupuncture, the needle was left in the site of puncture for 30 minutes. The pain subside. Type of Needle 1.5 inch long gauge 28 How to needle Puncture up to 1 inch deep, angled towards the heart and strong stimulation. Case Study 3 Male, 16, have been suffering from nose bleedin

Lung 4 (侠白) - The Lung Meridian

This point is frequently used for asthma and coughing, similar to Lung 3 Case Study 1 Female, 17 diagnosed of vitiligo, itchiness at the site of ailment. Administered acupuncture and moxibustion. Types of needle 1/2 inch gauge 34 Moxibustion stick How to needle Multiple needle at the site of the vitiligo, along the lines of the vitiligo, angled towards the whitening patch. moxibustion on Lung 4 for both sides. After 25 treatments, the color of the vitiligo reverted back to normal skin color.

Lung 3 (天府) - The Lung Meridian

This point is usually used for coughing and nose bleed. It is also used for balancing the emotion. When a patient felt a sense of low self-worth, depression and disconnection from purpose, treatment using Lung 3 helps the patient feeling more like themselves. It is also used to treat dizziness.

Lung 2 (雲門) - The Lung Meridian

This is the second point in the Lung Meridian and mainly used for lung issues such as bronchitis and shortness of breath. It is also used for pain along the scapular