Lung 7 (列缺) - The Lung Meridian (Part 2)

Case Study 3
46 cases of wet dream, some have symptoms as little as 3 months while others, 4 years. Out of the 46 cases, 40 also presented with the symptoms of sleepwalking. Some experienced wet dream once every day with others, once every 3 to 5 days. Most patients manifest symptoms of fatigue, weak knees affecting both study and working lives.

1 inch needle gauge 28 were used, punctured obliquely towards the elbow for about an inch. The needle handle is tape to the skin and the needle was left in the site for 12 to 18 hr before removing. The needles are usually inserted at about 6 or 7pm at night and removed between after 8 am. This is repeated every other day for about a week. 100% of the patient has shown improvement while 90 % seen a complete recovery.

Case Study 4
66 cases of smoker patients. Some has smoked for over 55 years while others, 2 years. Some smoked about 60 cigarettes a day while others, 6 a day.

1 inch needle gauge 28 was used, punctured obliquely towards the heart direction when hands are fully extended and clasped. 


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