Lung 6 (孔最) - The Lung Meridian

It is used for coughing blood, sore throat, hemorrhoids and constipation.

Case Study 1
Female, pregnant, had hemorrhoids and she is experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort. Not willing to use acupuncture, patient decide to follow that advice to massage Lung 6 daily for at least 10 minutes per day and after 5 days, her pain is relieved and no longer experiencing constipation. Along the lung meridian, look for the sensitive spot near Lung 6, that will be the spot for relieving constipation and hemorrhoids.

Case Study 2
Female, always experience hemorrhoids before pregnancy but it did not bother her life. After pregnancy, the hemorrhoids became a serious problem. She has both internal and external hemorrhoids. She has tried many different ointments, many herbal wash. She tried massaged and various other methods but her pain was not relieved. Every time she defecate, she experienced a lot of pain. One day, she was reading some acupuncture literature and found that Lung 6 is able to relieve hemorrhoids. She immediately started to massage Lung 6 point. (the sensitive spot) She was too eager to and by that evening, the site of the massage is bruised however, she experienced less pain during defecation that night. She decided the next day to get some moxa stick and started moxibustion on Lung 6. Later that evening, patient experienced no pain during defecation and since she ailment is resolved.

6.肺经的郄穴——孔最穴:治疗咳嗽和痔疮- 潘氏正骨推拿| 微信公众号文章 ...


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